My staff and I would like to make you aware of an imposter who has cloned my photo pretending to be me, talking with people on YouTube chat and on the Give Him 15 Facebook page. Know that I NEVER chat with anyone (don’t even know how), will never send anyone a private message, or ask that they meet me on google chat. And we NEVER ask for funds on Social Media or YouTube. You will know that it is my correct YouTube channel by the checkmark after my name, showing that this account has been verified to truly be me. We have requested that Facebook also verify us, but they have not yet chosen to do so. Beware of these scammers and please report them.

Stay Informed

Most of you are probably aware by now that the government and social media platforms have now decided to censor we conservatives. Under the guise of national security, free speech is on hold in America. If many on the far Left have their way, this will not be temporary. Having now achieved what they perceive as complete control, they’ve decided to pull out all the stops and silence we “intolerant” Christians and conservatives. I’m sure you see the irony in that.

One is no longer allowed to state that he or she disagrees with the United States government, nor their beliefs that an election may have been contaminated. This is now forbidden. Not only will the media platforms shut you down for doing so but government agencies will call to send you the message you are crossing the line. Don’t think I am guessing about this. If they have their way, the Left will not stop, until they have completely silenced we unruly gun owners and Bible believers.

Some of you may have noticed you are no longer able to share our posts on one of the social media platforms. It seems we have violated some standard of decency; when shared, they are labeled as spam. We will no doubt continue to be disciplined until we learn our lesson and toe their ideological line. We were not surprised by this; frankly, we expected it a little sooner. (Note: If you have been unable and would still like to share the Give Him 15 posts, you may copy the entire post and paste it onto your page. #workaround)

Actually, if you have followed us for the last few months, you will know we have already dialed back our forthrightness somewhat during the past 3 weeks. We have been weighing the cost versus benefits of being as honest as we want to be. Knowing the new standards set by big tech and the government, we are trying to determine whether to speak our positions and beliefs clearly and run the risk of being shut down, or adjust somewhat in order to ensure being able to encourage, inform, and equip you.

We are also, of course, preparing to deliver our messages on other platforms.  In fact, I urge you to go to my website ( and sign up for my newsletter (right side of front page). I will use that method of communication in case the other platforms are compromised. As Americans, we will find a way to maintain our freedom and liberty; we always do. Our suggestion to you is to become familiar with the other communication platforms – both audio and visual – as quickly as you possibly can. 

As soon as Parler is back up and running again, we will leave Twitter completely. For now, we are on YouTube and Rumble for the Give Him 15 and other DSM video posts. I recommend that you make yourself comfortable with the new free-speech platforms Rumble and Parler. We realize this is inconvenient for all of us and until some of these new platforms expand their capabilities, they can be challenging to use. But the effort is necessary. If you want to maintain the ability to communicate freely and hear the truth, it is likely you will have to move away from these mainstream communication networks. Now that they know they can get away with it, they have no intention of tolerating us in the future.

Please pray for God to give believers and conservatives breakthrough very quickly in this tech arena. We cannot afford to be at the mercy of vindictive and controlling people. Pray for creativity, wisdom, financing, and even technological breakthroughs. Pray for such creativity, revelation, understanding, and wisdom to be given, that the liberal platforms will become inferior and second rate very quickly. Freedom of speech must remain free.

And lastly, pray with us for a release of the sweeping revival that is on the way; call it forth every day. This will be a game-changer for everything. When millions of Americans have had powerful encounters with Holy Spirit and He takes up residence within them, their passions and beliefs will change. This will weaken the hold of liberalism, secularism, and socialism; and that is when the full reformation of America to God’s original intent will occur. This is coming. 

And it will not be stopped.

Pray with me:

Father, we pray for America today. Thank You for this incredible nation You raised up to be Your voice in the earth, to trumpet the gospel of the Kingdom to all the nations. This is an amazing honor and a destiny and we don’t take it for granted. We pledge to honor this covenant with You. We declare even now that the greatest release of the gospel from this nation in all of history will occur.

Though some would seek to annul this covenant, and others would say it never existed – even some Christians – we know otherwise. Thank You for preserving it. Thank You for making clear to us, through the words on the Liberty Bell and those that were spoken at Cape Henry,  that this is Your destiny for America. We thank You now that no force, no movement, no government, no political party, no system will be able to stop this. Your purposes will be accomplished.

Now we call forth the greatest revival ever to come to this land. We pray for it to reach into every part of society, every age group, all cities, and all races. We pray that it will also invade government and rid us of the evil that has defiled it. Purge it, Lord. Expose the wickedness and degeneracy, yet save those who respond to You.

We bind every evil force that will try to stop this, in Jesus’ name…amen.


We decree that Your voice will not be silenced in America.

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