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A Powerful Dream Regarding President Trump

On April 7, 2020, our friend Gina Gholston had a powerful dream which I believe is for now:

“President Donald J. Trump was walking on the bank of a small river. At first it seemed he was pacing back and forth, but then I realized he was actually looking for something. He said, ‘I was told something had been left here for me and I came to find it, but I’m not seeing it.’ He continued to search, but finding nothing, turned to walk away.

“Just as he turned, a wooden crate, measuring about three feet wide, one foot in height and two feet from front to back, came bobbing up in the water. I could see down in the water, and there were several people lying on the bottom of the river. They had been holding the box, but had lost their grip on it, and it rushed the surface of the water with a splash. President Trump turned to see what caused the splash. When he saw the wooden crate he reached out, pulled it to the bank, then took a knife from his pocket and used it to open the lid.

“Inside, POTUS found an old Bible, an Appeal to Heaven flag, and communion elements (a cup of wine and some bread). He immediately took the Appeal to Heaven flag, draped it over his shoulders and knelt with his right knee on the ground. He put the Bible under his left forearm, held the cup of wine in his left hand, and the bread in his right. Then, with tears flowing he began to pray. With the Appeal to Heaven flag still draped over his shoulders, he looked down at the Bible and the communion elements with great admiration and said, ‘This is it! This is what I came to find!’

“Suddenly, a huge slingshot appeared and President Trump stood and positioned himself in it. A hand then came into view and pulled him back in the slingshot, launching him from that place. He carried with him all of the items he had found in the wooden crate. Just as the President was launched from the slingshot, those who had been in the river holding down the wooden crate came out of the river and tried to grab him. It was too late, however; he was already airborne, and they couldn’t touch him.

“I then saw him land perfectly, on his feet, like someone landing from a parachute jump. The place he landed was a stage on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., where he was about to give his second inaugural address. This speech was anything but normal. He wrapped the Appeal to Heaven flag around his shoulders and held the old Bible in his hands. I then realized this was one of the Bibles he used when he was sworn in at his first Inauguration Ceremony, a gift he had been given by his mother, who had connections to the great Welsh Revival.

“Through tears, President Trump said, ‘God is taking us back, and He’s giving us a new start. Now, we are rightly focused. We’re getting back on track.’ He led the nation in a prayer of sincere repentance. Then he took the communion elements he had found in the wooden crate and led the nation in Communion.”


There is an evil attempt to keep what is true, righteous, and holy from coming to the surface of awareness in our nation; however, we are coming to the moment when it will no longer be withheld. It may occur at the last minute, but what God has preserved for this moment in time is going to come forth with a “splash,” making its presence known.

President Trump’s retrieval of the revealed wooden crate and the use of his knife to open it says there is deep spiritual awakening coming to President Donald John Trump. He’s going to “find” what he has been searching for, which is a deeper awareness and revelation of Jesus Christ. When he opened the crate and found the Appeal to Heaven flag, the old Bible and the communion elements, his eyes were opened, his heart was touched, and he was humbled before the Lord. A great realization was awakened in him: “This is what I came to find!” It was also the answer for our nation.

President Trump put on a prayer mantle (the Appeal to Heaven flag), embraced Christ (the communion elements), and found God’s truth (the old Bible). From this personal transformation, he was launched into the next phase of his destiny. He was re-positioned and the things he had gathered from the personal encounter, gave him proper perspective of how to lead the nation…first and foremost, back to God.

The attempt to keep President Trump from launching in the slingshot pictures the current effort being made to remove President Trump from his position. It is an all-out attempt to finally turn our nation from God and His original plans for us. But it’s too late! The hand of God will launch Donald Trump into position.

The Bible President Trump found and carried with him has connection to the great revival in the nation of Wales. I believe this is significant to show us that America will be revived back to her Godly roots and her God-given destiny.

The President leading the nation in repentance and communion speaks of redemption and restoration. His sincere declaration over the nation speaks of a coming national awakening to God.

Prayer and Decree:

Father, You ordained the founding of these United States of America. We see Your hand at work throughout the pages of our history. You have guided us by Your divine Providence and wisdom. Now, we stand at a “hinge of history,” and the future of our nation is being weighed in the balance. Evil is attempting to withhold the reality of Your truth from the hearts of the people. But we, as Your Ekklesia, release our voices in agreement with You, and boldly say, “Let Your Kingdom come! Let Your will be done” in America! Our Godly heritage and purpose as a nation will not be lost nor forsaken.

We decree that evil is losing its grip, and the revelation of Jesus Christ and His word is making a comeback! An awakening to God is now rising to the surface and will be released in an unstoppable move of power and a demonstration of the Spirit of God.

Father, against all odds, You raised up and positioned Donald Trump as President of the United States. He is a leader who stands as a defender of Israel, the unborn, Your church, and of righteous laws. Even in the heat of massive pressure and resistance, he has stood—by Your divine strength—to accomplish many of the purposes for which You positioned him. You placed him there, and he will remain in position until You say otherwise. We ask that You continue to strengthen him and guide him by Your Spirit. Protect him and his family from any and all attempts made to harm them. Protect him from any and all attempts made to remove him from his destiny.

May he have a personal encounter with You, Father, that will forever transform his life and deepen his relationship with You. May he humble himself to walk with You. May Your word be embedded in his heart, establishing him on the foundation of Your unchanging truth! And as the President of these United States of America, may his voice be released as a trumpet that calls this nation back to You!

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