Repentance That Brings Healing to a Nation

I have written in a number of my books about the importance of history. I have also written about healing history. We, as a nation, must never sweep under the rug mistakes we have made. We have needed to talk about the fact that we broke covenants with the First Nations people, and the prayer movement in America has done so. We needed to address the slavery issue which, again, the prayer movement has done. We must understand and address the effect on our nation of abortion and the shedding of innocent blood, which is happening. We can’t just ignore these things, and we haven’t. We have asked for forgiveness; now we must ask for healing.  

I have taught much on identificational repentance. We can repent for the sins of our fathers and forefathers. God requires this. In my books “The Way Back,” “Giants Will Fall,”  and “Appeal to Heaven,” I write on these things. No one who understands scripture contends that we should ignore the past and act as though it never occurred. What we teach is that we can and must repent for the sins of the past; then the iniquities of the fathers are no longer visited on the next generations. And also, when we repent, God can begin to heal the wounds.

There has been much repentance in America over our past sins. Most people protesting in America today do not realize this. There are no doubt many people in Native American communities, African American communities, and others, who aren’t aware of this. Yet, a large element within the praying Church does understand this and has done so over the last 20 or more years—1000s of people, 1000s of times. I have been in gatherings myself in which thousands of people have prayed prayers of repentance over the sins of our ancestors.

Because of this,  I believe God is now able to bring healing to our land. Forgiveness from past sin brings not only forgiveness, but also a release from the spiritual consequences. Luke 6:37 says, “Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” In Greek, this also could be translated “Release, and you’ll be released.” When we forgive and pray prayers of repentance, there is more than a simple forgiveness; there is a release that occurs. We are released from the guilt and shame, yes, but also from satan’s right to accuse, steal, kill, and destroy.

I believe that America, because of the repentance that has occurred, is now at a place where healing will come. God will heal hearts and remove the scars, pain, and injustice which still exists. These consequences can now be reversed. Evil iniquity and sin are no longer flowing through the generational cord of history. The blood of Jesus has been applied and healing can now come.

“‘Forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us. And don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.’ If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you.” (Matthew 6:12-14; NLT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Thank the Lord that He will over rule the chaos in our nation.
  • Thank the Lord for the thousands of people who have prayed thousands of prayers over the years regarding the many sins of our nation.
  • Thank Him for leading us to repentance, and for releasing us from any further generational bondage as a result.
  • Ask the Lord for the fruit of our repentant prayers.
  • Say, “God has heard our prayers of repentance. He has forgiven and He is healing our nation!”

A prayer you can pray:

God, we are thankful today! Yes, our nation is in another cycle of turmoil. But rather than be afraid, let the Ekklesia see and do the work that still needs to be done. We have come far. You have given us the key to deal with much past sin and pain with the gift of identificational repentance. It is so encouraging to hear of the thousands of people who have prayed thousands of times for forgiveness for the sins of our forefathers. Thank You for identificational repentance. Thank You for breaking our hearts over what breaks Yours. Thank You for forgiving us as we press toward love and unity in the bond of peace.

Lord, cause people to see how far we have come. There have been times of healing and and there will be more. Manifest the fruit of repentance where all can see it. We believe You have heard our prayers of repentance, You have forgiven, and You are healing our nation! We will continue to pray, love and act until we see a clear turnaround. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today’s decree:
God is healing injustice in America.